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HEADSET med mikrofon uden moms / med moms

Logitech Dialog 812

The Logitech Dialog 812 stereo headset with microphone offers Noise Canceling Amplification Technology (NCAT), which filters out unwanted background noise to improve the audio input and. With this headset, users take advantage of the next generation of communication tools that are being built into the software such as Microsoft Windows XP and more. The Dialog 812 stereo headset with microphone is an excellent choice for the following applications: Voice-over-IP, Internet voice chat, Video conferencing, Multiplayer Internet gaming.

Dialog 812:

kr 88 / 110

(€ 15,00)

pt udsolgt

 Logitech PC Headset 120

Get started with Internet chatting and online gaming - privately! Use the Logitech PC Headset 120 for PC-to-PC calling, online voice chatting, multi-player gaming, watching movies, or just listening to music. This headset features a sleek and comfortable behind-the-head style, which makes it ideal for use with Logitech webcams. Its adjustable, noise-canceling microphone filters out unwanted background noise and provides optimal clarity.

PC Headset 120:

kr 159 / 195

(€ 26,00)

Logitech Internet Chat Headset

Add style to your PC. The Internet Chat Headset has it all at a great price: rich stereo sound, a noise-canceling microphone, in-line control for extra convenience, and a sleek behind-the-head design. The 9-foot cable gives you plenty of room to move around.

Internet Chat Headset:

kr 224 / 280

(€ 37,50)